Rencontre pro
Halle 6 Ouest
Jeudi 11 Mai 2023
12:00 (45 min)
Salle 208

Comment émerger en tant que centralité culturelle (quand on n'est pas Londres, NY ou Paris) ?

Beyond hotspots: creatively positioning unconventional destinations

Many smaller cities, districts, neighborhoods, and places with unique cultural offerings often struggle to attract visitors and compete with popular tourist hotspots. Those that succeed despite limited budgets and resources, do so by taking creative approaches to leverage their distinctive cultural assets and create a compelling narrative to entice visitors. Drawing on case studies and best practices, this session will explore approaches such as stakeholder-driven initiatives, partnerships, and collaborative efforts to strategically position and raise the profile of unconventional cultural destinations – highlighting the importance of federating stakeholders around a common goal to carve a niche and thrive in this challenging landscape.

En présence de Jesper Koefoed-Melson (Kulturdistriktet Copenhague), Emma Wilcox (Creative Estuary) et Emmanuel Delamarre (Plaine Images)

Animé par Gregorio Lucena Scarpella (GCDN)